Friday, October 2, 2020

My Alien Body

YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU ‘THINK’ YOU ARE! How many times have we heard or read that statement? We scratch our heads in perplexity asking, “Well then, who are we?' It’s difficult for us to fathom for we are ‘thinking’ about this with the mind of the very person that we’ think’ is who we are.

It’s a bit like trying to convince a caterpillar that it’s really a butterfly. We are so wrapped up in our cocoon of ‘physicality’ that we are blinded by our preconceived belief of who we are. Like the butterfly, are we really a Spiritual Being cocooned in a human body?

According to Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, “We are Star Beings that are temporarily sojourning terrestrially.” He prophesied that we have experienced myriad physical lifetimes, not only on Earth, but also elsewhere in the Universe.

So, let’s not ‘think’ but try ‘imagining’ what we might be if Cayce's prophesy is plausible. What is one of the most alien looking creatures found on Earth? An octopus surely. If we have lived myriad lives elsewhere in the universe, then maybe we would once have had a body similar to an octopus. Let’s pretend anyway.

In this pretend world, instead of humans, we would all be octopuses. Our parents, ourselves, everyone. We would accept our world of octopuses as normality. If we saw a human being it would be scary. If we were told we were once human, we wouldn’t believe it. How could we possibly be such an ugly creature?

We would still be Spiritual Beings but cocooned in an octopus body, bodies that we would fully accept as being who we are. When told We are not who we think we are” we would scratch our heads in perplexity, disbelieving we could be anything other than an octopus.

The point is, our body may change, but our Spirit (our true self) remains the same. It’s the same Spirit that is cocooned in our present body... or any other body, alien or not that our Spirit has or will inhabit in our Soul's eternal quest for knowledge and learning experience. 

So, separate yourself from your body, for it is not who you are. You are Spirit, the curious inner awareness that is observing the events of life through the interactions of the body’s senses and emotions. You/your Spirit is eternal. Eventually you will move on to inhabit other bodies to further the learning experience...

Dan’s Quote:You are Spirit, a student of self-discovery.
Your aim is to find out who you really are.”

Header: Sunset after a storm in Queensland, Auatralia

Thursday, August 13, 2020


 a3-Sunset over Lake Wendoree

“WHO AM I?” No-BODY! “Then what am I?” No-THING! “Well then, what's the reason for me being here?” There is no reason. “But what about ‘ME’? My life, my desires, my personal striving for something better than what I have?” All is pointless. The ‘ME’ that you ‘think’ you are does not exist.

Friday, July 17, 2020



REMEMBER THAT RIGHT NOW we're not here to just have ‘a human experience.’ We're here to evolve and redesign the human experience, helping humanity remember what we’re truly capable of, and that what we accept as ‘everyday life’ is just a made-up game that is incredibly risky.

Friday, July 10, 2020


Sunset over lake at longreach

WE LIKE TO STAND UP FOR WHAT WE THINK IS RIGHT. Some of us become crusaders, proud of our speeches, our marches, our protests in which we champion what we believe is the right cause. We say, ‘I know what is good for all, so follow me as an example of what is good, true and proper.

Monday, July 6, 2020


Cairns marina

OUR PHYSICAL EVOLUTION is doing just fine, but our mental evolution, well, it’s not doing so good. Catching up depends on you. The difficulty is the ego. It has no intention of progressing past it’s ingrained fight or flight survival mentality. The problem is you fully identify with the ego as being who you are.

Thursday, June 11, 2020



EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A PURPOSE. Events like Corona Virus are not haphazard. They are meant to occur. Why? By experiencing the negative hardships of life, we learn to overcome our old nature and grow in awareness towards becoming truly loving, compassionate human beings.

My Alien Body

YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU ‘ THINK ’ YOU ARE! How many times have we heard or read that statement? We scratch our heads in perplexity asking, “Well...